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Will Cindy be able to attend auditions for the Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia?

Cindy is a young ballet student with dreams of attending The Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia. She's finally old enough to audition, but so are her new stepsisters. When her stepmother realizes Cindy is the biggest threat to her own daughters getting into the Ballet Academy, she'll do everything in her power to stop Cindy from attending the auditions.

Marie is a young princess who only finds escape from the confines of a royal's life through ballet class and riding her horse, Dancer. Yearning for more than the stuffy life of a princess, Marie hopes to attend The Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia. But first she has to prove she's more than just a princess and that she really can dance.

In this Cinderella re-telling there are no handsome princes, no invitations to the ball, and no fairy godmothers. Twelve-year-old dancers Cindy and Marie must work hard, overcome obstacles, and make an impression at the auditions in order to achieve their dream of performing with The Royal Ballet Company of Pavlovia.

Available March 23, 2021!

Learn to follow your own passion, deal with grief and depression, face your fears, and develop strength through adversity. Because when pianos can swim, boys own forests, and a girl can become the queen of Unwinderly, anything is possible.

A collection of seven stories that will whisk you away to fantastical places.

This book features illustrations by the talented Nicholas Beckett.

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The first step is always the hardest.

Fifteen-year-old Natalie is obsessed with ballet and plans to spend the entire summer in dance class with her two best friends. But when her mom gets a job out of town, Natalie gets shipped off to stay with cousins she barely knows.

Natalie is thrilled when her cousins invite her to join them at the local dance studio. But it turns out it's not a ballet class; it's Irish dance. Skeptical at first, Natalie is surprised to learn she really enjoys the new dance style and agrees to take part in an upcoming competition. But this new passion could result in Natalie having to leave her ballet dreams behind.

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"This night sucks!"

Lana is a high school senior enrolled in Vampire Education - a class to teach students about the very real presence of vampires in the world. Lana and her classmates don't really expect to meet up with any undead bloodsuckers. Vampires are a lot like other scary things that supposedly exist but you hope you'll never come across: nudist colonies, mad cow disease, and your parents' sex life.

What is part of Lana's everyday reality is navigating through one last year of high school while desperately trying to be less nerdy. She still loves spaceships, fantasy novels, and cat stickers, but she also recently got her braces removed, grew boobs, and is working on the makeup thing. She never expected her crush-of-a-lifetime Pete to even notice her - let alone ask her out on a date.

The date is going great until Pete's ex-girlfriend Katy shows up, all bloody and pissed off. Lana quickly realizes that Katy is not just her ordinary bitchy self - she has been turned into a vampire which, in turn, takes Lana and Pete's date from a hot and steamy make-out session to an unexpected vampire-hunting expedition.

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Trina is more likely to set the palace on fire with her powers than be a princess – could a dragon mage be the next ruler of the magical kingdom of Dorlith?

Trina is a fifteen-year-old dragon mage in a kingdom ruled by witches and wizards – the same people who have brought dragons and other magical creatures near extinction. Trina can barely control her fire powers and is desperate for an apprenticeship, but finding a fellow dragon mage to be her teacher is proving more difficult than coming across an actual dragon.

Then there’s the Royal Tourney – a competition presented by the Queen to find a successor to the throne. Trina heads to the competition in the hopes of sparking some interest in the mage society and earning herself an apprenticeship.

She never intended to be a front runner in the competition.

She never meant to catch the attention of the evil witch trying to take over the throne.

She never expected to fall for a wizard.

Now Trina must face tough decisions about who she is and who she could become. Trina must ask herself: Can she really win the Royal Tourney?

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