About Elizabeth

Elizabeth J.M. Walker has always loved books and writing. For over a decade she made the litzine 398. She is the author of the books She Dreamed of Dragons, This Night Sucks, Slip Jig Summer, The Boy Who Owned the Forest, and Cindy's Satin Slipper. Elizabeth spent many of her childhood, teen, and early adult years in dance classes and theatre productions, but admits she was never particularly great at it. She lives in Windsor, Ontario with her husband Alexander (who apparently has a Wikipedia entry) and their dog and two cats: Daisy, Callie, and Dune.


She goes by Beth. Not Liz. Beth. Oh, and she includes the J.M. in her name not because she's pretentious, but because there are a bunch of other Elizabeth Walkers out there. There's even one who has a PhD and writes books. That's not this Elizabeth Walker. This Elizabeth really does have two middle names. They're both pretty common. Can you guess what they are?

Elizabeth posts stuff on Instagram @elizabeth.j.m.walker

Now here's a picture from 2014: